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Co-Founder & Executive Director

Jacqui Carroll has been playfully altering reality in the darkroom since 2008. She earned a BS in Visual Arts Education from Northern Michigan University before receiving a teaching job at East Lansing High School, where she taught photography courses for six years and co-founded Community Darkroom 517 (CD517) in 2019. She continues to work with CD517 teammates and members to foster an inclusive, collaborative, energetic analog community that values kindness and mentorship.


Outreach & Engagement

Gina is a self-taught film photographer. Her passion grew when she took a chance on a Canon Fib she picked up at a thrift store. Gina holds a Master's of Social Work and brings her skills in community outreach to the darkroom with the firm belief that art has the power to build community and connection.



Amanda has been a film photographer since the age of 15 when her father gifted her a Minolta T101. Her passion turned into a career not long after graduating with dual Bachelor's of Arts degrees in Photography and Art Education. She has executed multiple year-long documentary projects and focused most of her photographic endeavors on social justice and empowerment.  After co-founding CD517 with Jacqui Carroll, Amanda served on the team as Educational Coordinator for four years, until moving to California in 2022.

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