Photo credit: Jessica Bibbee

Jacqui Carroll has been teaching Art and English in East Lansing Public Schools for the past three years. During her time in the district, she has taught 6th grade Art, 7th/8th grade Computer Arts, high school Darkroom and Digital Photography, and American Literature. She received her degree from Northern Michigan University, where she specialized in photography. Jacqueline’s artistic passions involve seeking out elements of surprise - this is why she loves the varied nature of pinhole photography.



Amanda has been a film photographer since the age of 15 when her father gifted her a Minolta T101. Her youthful passion turned into a career not long after graduating from Montana State University with a BA in Photography and a BA in Art Education in 2000. After teaching art and photography in a rural Kansan high school, Amanda moved to Michigan in 2007 and open her small photography business, Amanda Grieshop Photography, in 2010. Since then, she has executed multiple year-long documentary projects and has focussed most of her photographic endeavors on social justice and empowerment issues. Amanda is exceptionally excited to be a board member and participating community member for the Community Darkroom 517 project.