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Curent Darkroom Photography STUDENTS of East Lansing High School (ELHS) will be provided with all necessary tools and materials.

COMMUNITY members will be expected to have access to a film camera and provide their own film, photographic paper, and film negative protector sleeves. 


* FILM to fit your chosen camera (35mm, 120). Ilford HP5 400 is a solid film to start with and can be easily found.

* PHOTO PAPER for printing in the darkroom. There are two kinds of paper, Resin Coated (RC) and Fiber papers. RC paper is a much more affordable and forgiving paper for beginner printers. Ilford Multigrade RC paper is a great choice, in 5x7 or 8x10.

* NEGATIVE PROTECTORS to fit your film size.


3 RING BINDER or some other sturdy storage for your negatives once they have been processed.

* APRON or darkroom work clothes that can be stained.

* HAND TOWELS or rags.


PAPER SAFE to store light sensitive paper.

* BURNING and DODGING TOOLS to lighten and darken different parts of your prints. These can be made at home.

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